Society of business research

submission guidelines

SBR Journal Submission Guidelines

-Manuscripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word format; no hard copies will be accepted

-All fonts must be black

-The title must be centered and bolded with size 18 font

-Center the author name with the last name first, and the first name last.  Underneath the name should be the author's affiliation. Please make this section size 14 font.

                                      Last, First
                               Illustration University

-Authors should not be listed anywhere but the title page

-Italicize the Abstract and keep it to no more than 300 words.

-Below the Abstract include a list of 5-6 keywords, separated by commas.  This is not to be in bold or italics.

-The Introduction is presented next.  All text in the manuscript should be left justified and single-spaced. The headings in the body should be put in bold.  Please do not use footnotes, endnotes, or page numbers.

-The default margins should be used for all papers, including tables and graphs.  Please use Times New Roman size 12 font for the body of the paper.  Put 2 spaces between paragraphs.

-Manuscripts must be written in the third person.

-No bold should be used in the manuscript, other than where indicated.

-Italics should only be used in the Abstract and in the reference section where formatting guidelines indicate.

-A reference section with a uniform style is required.  Authors may use any universally accepted format. APA is acceptable and preferred.

-Manuscripts must not defame, invade the privacy of, violate the civil rights of, or infringe on the personal rights of any person or organization.  Also, manuscripts must not contain any profanity, sexual content, political or religious criticisms or endorsements.

-SBR reserves the unqualified right to refuse to review or publish any submission without cause.