Society of business research

proceedings guidelines

Please follow these basic guidelines for papers to be submitted to the Conference Proceedings.

*Electronic submissions only please; no hard copies will be accepted.


The title should be centered and bolded with size 18 font.


Center the author name with the last name first, and the first name last.  Underneath the name should be the author's affiliation.  On the third line should be the e-mail address of the author.  Please make this section size 14 font.

ex:            Doe, John

            Example University



Italicize the Abstract and keep it to no more than 300 words.


All text in the manuscript should be left justified and single spaced.  The headings in the body should be put in bold.  Please do not use footnotes.

Fonts and Margins

The default margins should be used for all papers.  Please use Times New Roman size 11 font for the body of the paper.  Put 2 spaces between paragraphs.


Presentations are to stay within a 20 minute period.


Please keep the style uniform and in any universally accepted format such as APA.