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phoenix 2013 proceedings

Society of Business Research
Conference - Phoenix 2013

March 14-16, 2013
Conference Proceedings

Best Paper Awards
Medlin, Bobby - University of Arkansas-Fort Smith; Green Jr., Kenneth - Southern Arkansas University:Management Principles and the Management Process: The Impact on Employee Engagement 

Soylu, Ali - Cameron University; Jackson, Kimberly - Cameron University: Disability Discrimination in Today's Workplace

Management Track

Soylu, Ali - Cameron University; Jackson, Kimberly - Cameron University: Disability Discrimination in Today's Workplace

Soylu, Ali - Cameron University and Ipek University and Northcentral University; Due, Tyler - Cameron University: Cost-Cutting Initiatives for Organizational Restructuring

Cangioni, Carole - University of Texas at El Paso: The Impact of the Face Value Effect of Products Priced in Foreign Currency on Import Traders: A Longitudinal Study of Imports Demand Among EU Members


Frank, Blake - University of Dallas; Walsh, Robert - University of Dallas: Does Student Performance Coincide with the Higher Order Thinking in Bloom's Taxonomy? Evidence from Online MBA Courses

Wang, Daisy - University of Tennessee at Martin; Lin, Jasmin - Robert Morris University: The Effectiveness and Efficiency of APPs Teaching

Pearce, William - Geneva College; Rupp, William - Austin Peay State University: Teaching the Strategic Management Capstone Using a 'Tools' Approach

Kawatra, Rakesh - Minnesota State University: Screencasts to Enhance Learning Project Management

Meadows, Lee - Walsh College: HR Perspective on Employability Skills

Cangioni, Carole - Northern Kentucky University; Ibarreche, Santiago - University of Texas El Paso; Gil, Adrian - The University of Houston-Downtown: Failure to Launch: A Predictive Model of Entrepreneurs' Country of Origin Effect

Belassi, Walid - Athabasca University: Buyer-Supplier Relationships: The Effects of Organizational Culture

Marketing Track

Ghose, Nabarun - The University of Findlay; Kathurwar, Shishir Kumar - The University of Findlay: An Alternative Method of Market Assessment: Foreign Markets

Sachdev, Harash - Eastern Michigan University; Murphy, Micah - Easter Michigan University; Belassi, Camila - Eastern Michigan University: Brand Strategy Issues as Uruguayan Consumers Demand Imported Goods

Pearce, William - Geneva College: An Examination of Sports Fandom: A Comparative Study of Professional Sports Teams in Pittsburgh

Schlee, Regina - Seattle Pacific University: Effects of Personality Characteristics and Students' Major on Attitudes About Team Projects

Nitterhouse, Denise - DePaul University: Using Qualitative Exploratory Market Research for Target Segment Definition

Patti, Charles - University of Denver: The Effectiveness of Literalism and Symbolism in Business-to-Business Advertising

Wolfe, Richard - University of Victoria: University Athletics, Academics, and the Challenge of Congruence

Finance Track

Cumming, Douglas - York University; Johan, Sofia - University of Tilburg and York University: Exchanges and Their Investors: A New Look at Reporting Issues, Fraud, and Other Problems by Exchange

Jandik, Tomas - University of Arkansas; Lallemand, Justin - University of Denver: Causes and Consequences of Debt Issuances by Targets of Withdrawn Takeovers

Clark, Roger - Austin Peay State University; Philippatos, George - University of Tennessee: Back to Basics: Investing in a Global Network Where Systemic Volatility, Contagion and Knightian Uncertainty Reign

Kim, Sang-Hoon - Montclair State University: Mortgage Interest Tax Shield and Home Mortgage Refinancing Decision

Parida, Sitikantha - London School of Economics; Teo, Terence - London School of Economics: The Impact of More Frequent Portfolio Disclosure on Mutual Fund Performance


Plummer, Jerry - Austin Peay State University; Cochran Jr., Howard - Belmont University: The HF Beta; Derivation and Application

Swidler, Steve - Auburn University: Animating Finance Students Through the Use of Animation

Howell, Jason - University of Denver; Seaborn, Paul - University of Denver; Olsen, Tricia - University of Denver: The Effect of Ownership Structure on Firm Corporate Social Responsibility - Evidence from Dual-Class Share Companies

Keys, Phyllis - Morgan State University: Discipline-Based Outcomes on the Business Major Field Test

Accounting Track

Haun, Karen - Tarrant County College: Promoting Student Success

Cockrell, Susan - Austin Peay State University: An Ethics-Infused Accounting Curriculum

Economics Track

Cumming, Douglas - York University; Johan, Sofia - York University and University of Tilburg: Venture's Economic Impact in Australia


Taylor, Kenneth - Villanova University: Business Environment Forecast to 2075: Deomgraphy, Credit & Productivity

Chowdhury, Manzoor - Lincoln University; Manzoor, Sonia - Westminster College: Applied Forecasting: Issues & Challenges for a Practitioner

Cochran Jr., Howard - Belmont University; Plummer, Jerry - Austin Peay State University: China's Contribution to the Globalization of Manufacturing Industries in the United States

Kyper, Eric - Lynchburg College; Prante, Gerald - Lynchburg College: E-textbook Piracy: Should Colleges Bundle Textbooks and Tuition?

MIS Track

Hayraptyan, Levon - Houston Baptist University: A Universal Multi-Criteria Decision Support System for Ranking

Bhandari, Gokul - University of Windsor: A Structural Model for Identifying Determinants of Online Investing Intention

Sharkey, Phoebe - Loyola University Maryland; Aronow, Harriet - Cedar Sinai Medical Center; Siebens, Hilary - Siebens Patient Care Communications; Horn, Susan - Institute of Clinical Outcomes Research: The Application of Cluster Analysis to Explore the Comparative Effectiveness and Resource Utilization of Patient Populations with Distinct Expected Recovery Trajectories

Internet Track

Medlin, Bobby - University of Arkansas-Fort Smith; Green Jr., Kenneth - Southern Arkansas University:Management Principles and the Management Process: The Impact on Employee Engagement 

Lampel, Joseph - Cass Business School; Nadavulakere, Shivasharan - Saginaw Valley State University; Rawat, Anushri - Nicholls State University: In Culture's Mirror: Expert, Peer, and Popular Evaluations of Quality in the UK Film Industry

Walker, Wendy - University of North Georgia: Organizational Staffing Strategies and Individual Career Attitudes: A Congruence Hypothesis

Finley, John - Columbus State University; Robinson, Sherry - Penn State University: The Design of Classroom Learning Games