Society of business research

phoenix 2012 proceedings

Society of Business Research
Conference - Phoenix 2012

March 29-31, 2012
Conference Proceedings

Management Track

Meadows, Lee E. - Walsh College: The New 'Non-Working' Professional Adult Learner

Ward, Edward A. - Saint Cloud State University; Eagle, Bruce - Saint Cloud State University: Psychological Climate and Job Satisfaction: Distinct or Redundant Constructs?

Harrison, Sarah J. - University of Nevada - Las Vegas; McAllister, Daniel - University of Nevada - Las Vegas; Alder, G. Stoney - University of Nevada - Las Vegas: Communication Media and Group Cohesion in Organizational Teams: An Analysis of Differences Between Supervisors and Team Members

Tavakolian, Hamid - California State University, Fullerton; Howell, Nancy: The Impact of Education on Gender Pay Gap

Burgess, Eric S. - Lincoln University of Missouri: A Qualitative Research Study: The Strategic Planning Process at Two Small Public Universities

Volker, John X. - Austin Peay State University; Phillips, Michael D. - Austin Peay State University; Anderson, Steven J. - Austin Peay State University: The Small Space of Entrepreneurship: A Diagrammatic Approach

Harraf, Abe - University of Northern Colorado; Wanasika, Isaac - University of Northern Colorado:Sustaining Public Universities Through an Entrepreneurial Model

Hackbert, Peter H. - Berea College: The Smartphone as an Economic Development Tool: A Preliminary Investigation

Ahuja, Yadhi - San Jose State University: Leveraging Human Resources for Global Competitiveness: The New Paradigm

Grimmett, David R. - Austin Peay State University: 
The 2-product, m-Machine Problem Solved Graphically: A Resurrection of the Ackers/Friedman Solution with Extensions

Duening, Thomas N. - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs; Shepherd, Morgan M. - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs: Effectual Decision Making and Innovation: Non-Predective Control in the Enterprise Setting

Marketing Track

Anderson, Steven - Austin Peay State University; Phillips, Michael D. - Austin Peay State University; Volker, John X. - Austin Peay State University: Pre-recession Dual Markets for the U.S. Commercial Ceramic Tile Industry: A National Study

Finance Track

Atkins, Allen B. - Northern Arizona University; Ng, Pin - Northern Arizona University: Refining Our Understanding of Beta Through Quantile Regressions

Clark, Roger - Austin Peay State University: 
A Model for Detecting Systemic Risk in a Diversified Market

Rayome, David - Northern Michicgan University: Dissecting the Turtle: An Examination of the Turtle Trading System

Rau-Foster, Mary - Belmont University; Cochran Jr., Howard H. - Belmont University; Plummer, Jerry - Austin Peay State University: Gypped by Gypsum: The Far Reaching Consequences of Chinese Drywall Imports into the United States

Pearson, Dennis - Austin Peay State University; Nyonna, Don - Austin Peay State University; Kim, K.J. - Austin Peay State University: The Relationship Between Economic Freedom, State Growth, and Foreign Direct Investment in U.S. States

Gritta, Richard D. - University of Portland; Jurinski, James - University of Portland; Reed, Lisa - University of Portland: The Use of a Bankruptcy Forecasting Model in Court Proceedings: Reorganization versus Liquidation Decisions

Accounting Track

Cockrell, Susan - Austin Peay State University; Meyer, Dan - Austin Peay State University: The Role of the Management Accountant in Total Quality Management

Brown, Pennye - Austin Peay State University; Meyer, Pamela - Austin Peay State University; Cockrell, Susan - Austin Peay State University: Culture of Ethics in Accounting Education

Meyer, Pamela - Austin Peay State University; Brown, Pennye - Austin Peay State University; Cockrell, Susan - Austin Peay State University: Cash is King: Teaching Principles of Accounting

Economics Track

Cochran Jr., Howard H. - Belmont University; Plummer, Jerry - Austin Peay State University: Recent Trends in Foreign Owned Agricultural Land within the United States

Parker, Tammy - University of Louisiana at Monroe; Strickler, Cindy - University of Louisiana at Monroe; Banappagari, Prashanth - University of Louisiana at Monroe: Wikipedia: Friend or Foe

MIS Track

Beranek, Peggy M. - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs: From User Participation to Co-Production: Moving from User to Customer

Beranek, Peggy M. - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs: Analyzing the Dimensions of 'Virtuality' in Virtual Team Research

 Internet Track

Greer, Timothy H. - Middle Tennessee State University: Strategies for Assessing New GTLDs

Li, Zhe - Framingham State University: Company Stock Investment in 401(k) Pensions