Society of business research

nashville 2014 proceedings

Society of Business Research
Conference - Nashville 2014

October 23-25, 2014
Conference Proceedings

Management Track

​Mitchell, Margaret E. - Central Connecticut State University: Relating Employee Performance and Disciplinary Action

Kumar, Medha Satish - Indian Institute of Technology, Madras; Kamalanabhan, TJ - Indian Institute of Technology, Madras: A Comparison of Indian and German Employees in Their Intercultural Development and Its Predictors

Rose, V. Joy - St. Leo University; Neely, Phillips - St. Leo University: Are We Still Integrating Technology in Business?

Meyer, Andrew - Ohio University; Taylor-Bianco, Amy - Ohio University; Tucker, Mary - Ohio University: Women in Business: Examining Failures and Defining Success

Lahm Jr., Robert J. - Western Carolina University: Small Business and Obamacare: What About the "Headache Factor"?

​Williams, B.E. (Bernie) - University of Lethbridge; Willms, Kathleen - University of Lethbridge: Blended Learning in Management Education: Leveraging Technology to Enhance Classroom Effectiveness

Cangioni, Carole - Northern Kentucky University: Failure to Launch (or Not): An Exploration of the Influencing Factors

​Long, Jamye - Delta State University; Johnson, Cooper - Delta State University; Faught, Sam - The University of Tennessee at Martin: Do Universities Practice What They Teach?

Brossaline, Igor Gary: Austin Peay State University: A Search for a Proper Way to Adjust the Value of a Personal Real Estate Asset when Underwriting an Unsecured Loan Request from an Individual Borrower: A Study in Risk Management for a Regional Bank

Barger, Bonita B. - Tennessee Technological University: Revisiting the Sabbatical

Jobe, Mark - Middle Tennessee State University: Incentive-Based Compensation for CEOs in a Pre and Post Sarbanes-Oxley World

Allison, Aimee - Austin Peay State University: The Effect of Corporate Sponsored Training and Preparation on the Rate of Expatriate Assignment Completion

Stafford, Jeremy - University of North Alabama; Hallock, Dan - University of North Alabama; White, Catherine - University of North Alabama; Hull, Robert - Human Resources, SCA America: The Dark Side of Leadership: A Focus on the Abuse of Power

Marketing Track

Selph, Courtney - University of West Georgia: What Creates the "Bottom Line"

Christ, Paul - West Chester University: How A Marketing Residency Course Addresses Issues Found in Distance Education

Ertekin, Selcuk - Missouri Western State University: A Quantitative Analysis of Consumer Intentions to use In-Store Map Applications

Ray, Sourav - McMaster University; Wang, Li - McMaster University: A Calibration of the Retail Impact of Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

Finance Track

Baghwat, Yatin - Grand Valley State University; Willey, Thomas - Grand Valley State University: Brittania Industries Ltd - A Case Study in Financial Innovation, Distribution of Profits and Issuance of Bonus Debentures

Edmonds, Thomas N. - Western Michigan University; Swisher, Judith - Western Michigan University: Real Estate Volatility and Mortgage Market Woes: An Analysis of Defaults and Foreclosures

Accounting Track

Yuan, Xiaoli - Elizabeth City State University: Financial Characteristics of Companies that Failed Say on Pay Votes

Kleinsmith, Warren - Richard Stockton College of New Jersey; Kachur, Robert - Richard Stockton College of New Jersey; Hewitt, Michele - Richard Stockton College of New Jersey: Accounting Ethics: Post-Conventional Moral Development Non-Mandatory Virtues

Meyer, Dan - Austin Peay State University: Will Obamacare Become More Taxing After the Midterms? Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions New to the 2014 Tax Year to be Implemented Later

Hayes, Thomas - University of Arkansas - Fort Smith: Assessing Management Fraud Risk - Are We Skeptical Enough?

Economics Track

Wilson, Rachel C. - Middle Tennessee State University: Health Care Entrepreneurship Research: Where We've Been and Where We're Going

Bouras, David - Lincoln University: Combination of Forecasts Versus Individual Forecasts: A Comparative Analysis

Yasin, Mesghena - Morehead State University: International Capital Inflows and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

MIS Track

Igbonagwam, Okey - St. Leo University; Nwosu, Kingsley - St. Leo University:
Human Kidnapping for Ransom the Probability for Cyber Kidnapping

Armstrong, Curtis - Tennessee Tech University; Guimaraes, Tor - Tennessee Tech University: Improving IS Auditing for Quality Assurance

Lin, Tung-Ching - National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan; Lin, Shuai-fu - University of Mary Hardin-Baylor: Using the Tripartite Model to Propose and Test an Acceptance Model for Enterprise 2.0 — The New Collaborative Platform for E- Business

Sasidharan, Sharath - Emporia State University: The Impact of Color and Culture as E-Commerce Enablers

Sasidharan, Sharath - Emporia State University: Technology Facilitated Social Norming and E-Learning: An Introductory Study

International Track

Tucker, Mary L. - Ohio University; Koch, Rebecca S. - Universidad de la Sabana - Columbia; Gullekson, Nicole L. - University of Wisconsin - La Crosse: Developing Global Leadership Skills Through International Virtual Teams

Plummer, Jerry - Austin Peay State University; Cochran Jr., Howard H. - Belmont University: Shortwave Radio Broadcasting Station Valuation Approaches in a Challenging Business Environment

Pedagogy Track

Hackbert, Peter H. - Berea College; Robinson, Karla S. - Berea College: Creating Entrepreneurial Identities in Social Entrepreneurship Education

Pridmore, Jeannie - University of West Georgia; Dukes, Samantha - University of West Georgia: Enhancing Student Learning of Human Resource Management with Hands-On ERP Exercises

​Gordon, T. Christine - St. Leo University; Ospina-Kammerer, Veronika - St. Leo University: Critical Thinking - Student Preferred Learning Aids, An Experimental Study

Criminal Justice/Legal Studies Track

Thornicroft, Kenneth Wm. - University of Victoria: Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace: Comparing the USA and Canadian Legal Regimes

Internet Track

Johnston, Tammy - University of Louisiana at Monroe: Tips for Connecting with Online Students

Rich, Gregory A. - Bowling Green State University; Koppitsch, Steve - Bowling Green State University: What is the Best Job Title for a Salesperson?

Ferraro, Salvatore - Montclair State University; Peterson, Richard - Montclair State University: Reviewing the Relevance of the Management Information Systems (MIS) Curriculum: Perspectives from Alumni

Ameen, Elsie - Sam Houston State University; Carrington, Linda - Sam Houston State University:Student Success: Does Course Delivery Method Matter?


Williams, P. Richard - University of Tennessee at Martin; Moore, Paula H. - University of Tennessee at Martin: The Student Benefit from Resisting Cognitive Bias: The Example of Multiple Choice Questions

Griffin, Audrey - Chowan University: Choosing a Methodology in the Software Development Industry

Kalia, Tejendra - Worcester State University; Lee, Weipang - Worcester State University: A Concept Paper on Corruption and Its Impact on the Economies of Developing Countries

Robertson, Mari L. - University of Cincinnati: Securitization and the Real Economy