Society of business research

nashville 2013 proceedings

Society of Business Research
Conference - Nashville 2013

October 24-26, 2013
Conference Proceedings

Management Track

Kleinsmith, Warren - Richard Stockton College of New Jersey; Kachur, Robert - Richard Stockton College of New Jersey: Societal and Organizational Culture on Ethnocentric Japanese Leaders

Zietlow, Paul H. - Concordia University Wisconsin: Organizational, Managerial, and Group Communication Strategies in Japanese Management

Cowan, Adrian - St. Mary's University; Padmanabhan, Prasad - St. Mary's University; Huang, Chia-Hsing - SolBridge International School of Business: Do Firms Who Give Globally Secure Future Financial Performance? An Investigation of US Service Firms

Penrod, Catherine - Ohio University; Tucker, Mary - Ohio University: Assessing Business Writing Across the Undergraduate Curriculum: A Framework for Assuring Learning

Milner, Morgan - Eastern Michigan University: Refining Assessment: Examining Factors Related to Assessment Efficiency and Success

Jiwani, Jay - Robert Morris University: Decision-Making: Testing the Effectiveness of Howard's 6-Element Decision-Tree Methodology Using a Case Study Approach

Ha, Daesung - Marshall University: On the Relationship Between Inventory Management and Firm Performance

Kutsar, Vadim - The University of Findlay; Ghose, Nabarun - The University of Findlay: Leadership Analysis Using Management Tools: Steve Jobs

Meadows, Lee - Walsh College: Tuition Reimbursement: Trends in Sustainability

Gardner, Reginald J. - Union Institute and University: Workplace Diversity and Work Team Effectiveness: Analysis Through a Biased Lens

Holliday, Darrell - Coker College: Fraudulent Activities that Target Senior Citizens and How to Avoid Them

Marketing Track

Malhotra, Ritu - The University of Findlay; Ghose, Nabarun - The University of Findlay: Revisiting Key Concepts: Relevance to Current Marketing

Karnati, Siva Prasad - The University of Findlay; Ghose, Nabarun - The University of Findlay: Overview of Market for Foreign Investment: Pharmaceutical Industry in India

Liang, Guizi - Emporia State University; Zhou, Joyce - Emporia State University; Yu, Jun - Emporia State University: Peers Influence in Gift Giving in the Chinese Context: The Consumer Socialization Perspective

Anthony, Denton D. - St. Francis Xavier University: Customer Loyalty Programs: Who Creates the Value?

Notarantonio, Elaine M. - Bryant University: Consumer Knowledge & Perceived Credibility of Drug Information Sources Used by Primary Care Physicians

Finance Track

Plummer, Jerry - Austin Peay State University; Cochran Jr., Howard H. - Belmont University: Advancing a Model for Estimation of Revenues of International For-Profit High Frequency Broadcasters

Kohli, Raj K. - Indiana University South Bend: Day-of-the-Week Effect and January Effect Examined in Copper and Aluminum Metals

Foster, Mark - University of North Alabama; Jobe, Mark - Middle Tennessee State University; Young, Michael - Central Washington University: Lock-in vs. Capitalization Market Reactions to Tax Changes

Accounting Track

Wilkins, Anne - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; Leggett, Denise - Middle Tennessee State University; Clark, Stanley - Middle Tennessee State University: An Analysis of the Prevalence of Fair Value Reporting for Liabilities

Faello, Joseph - Alabama A&M University: Representational Faithfulness and Goodwill Impairment Losses Part 2 Part 3

Clark, Stanley - Middle Tennessee State University; Jobe, Mark - Middle Tennessee State University: The Impact of Fair Value Accounting by SIC Division

Gabre, Helen - Alabama A&M University; Jobe, Mark - Middle Tennessee State University: The Effect of Perceived Stress and Learning Styles on Academic Performance

Williams, P. Richard - University of Tennessee at Martin; Moore, Paula H. - University of Tennessee at Martin:Student Cognitive Biases in Answer Changing on Accounting Multiple Choice Questions

Higgins, Leslee N. - Eastern Kentucky University: Triple Bottom Line Reporting: A Tool for Companies that Recognize an Ethical Responsibility Beyond that of Maximizing Profits

MIS Track

Ciampa, Mark - Western Kentucky University: Student Perceived Importance and Correlations of Selected Computer Literacy Course Topics

Conrad, Edward - Austin Peay State University; Conrad, Cynthia - The University of Newhaven; Conrad, David - Southern Illinois University: The Effect of Electronic Warnings in Mitigating Climatic Disaster Loss

Wells III, F. Stuart - Tennessee Technological University; Miller, Christine - Tennessee Technological University; Williams, Seth - Tennessee Technological University; Clendenon, Kyle - Tennessee Technological University: If Digital Forensics is the Answer What are the Questions?

Park, Young - Savannah State University; Baloch, Shammah - Savannah State University: A Case Study of Implementing Cloud Computing at a University

Chen, Jujian - Saint Louis University; Cheng, Sherri - Saint Louis University; Shi, Mingruo - Beijing Wuzi University: A Case Study of Startup Xiaomi: The "Apple" in China

Internet Track

Roehrich, Henry C. - Park University: Creating Learning Activities From A Real World Experience That Demonstrates Teamwork Through Effective Leadership

Robertson, Mari L. - University of Cincinnati: Securitization and the Real Economy

Keltgen, Jaciel - University of South Dakota: Community Hospitals Face Off Against Self-Referring Physicians in Fight Over Conflict of Interest: A Case Study

Doucet, Mary - California State University, Bakersfield; Doucet, Thomas - California State University, Bakersfield; Emery, John - California State University, Bakersfield: The Importance of Lifelong Learning in Accounting Education

Blaylock, C. Alan - Henderson State University: Market Breakdown of the Reaction of Initial South American ADR Issuers to Subsequent ADRs

Blaylock, C. Alan - Henderson State University: Effects of ADR De-listings: A Proposal