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ISSN: ISSN 2169-8929

In the Journal of Interdisciplinary Business Studies (JIBS), we invite submissions of original, not previously published or copyrighted scholarly manuscripts.  The full spectrum of general business topics is appropriate for this journal.  Examples include topics relating to pedagogy, ethics, theory, behavioral studies, international issues, and applications, for all size businesses in all business disciplines.  The Journal of Interdisciplinary Business Studies is published by the Society of Business Research and is not affiliated with any university.  The journal is web-published, open access with an initial target acceptance rate of less than 30%.

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Volume 1

Perspectives on Text Book Costs by Economics Professors; Robert E. Stevens, Southeastern Oklahoma State University; Tammy Parker, University of Louisiana Monroe; Lawrence S. Silver, Southeastern Oklahoma State University; Kenneth E. Clow, University of Louisiana Monroe 

The Changing Investment Tax Environment: A Financial Planning Guide; Elizabeth Guerriero, University of Louisiana Monroe; Michael Parker, University of Louisiana Monroe   

Financial Statement Quality: A Comparison of Small and Large Cities; Susan R. Cockrell, Austin Peay State University 

Communication Media and Group Cohesion in Organization Teams: An Analysis of Differences Between Supervisors and Team Members; Sarah J. Harrison, University of Nevada-Las Vegas; Daniel McAllister, University of Nevada-Las Vegas; G. Stoney Alder, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

The Impact of Toys Recall Announcements on Market Returns; Ekanayake M. Ekanayake, Bethune-Cookman University; Sunando Sengupta, Bowie State University

Do Managerial Motives Influence the Mode of Offshoring...?; Anand Pore, Emporia State University; Grishma Shah, Manhattan College; Jack Sterrett, Emporia State University

Comparing the Informativeness of Two Income Smoothing Measures; Joseph Faello, Lakehead University

Estimating Direct Spending By "New" Tourists In Event Studies; L. Taylor Damonte, Coastal Carolina University; John G. Marcis, Coastal Carolina University; Thomas Rella, Coastal Carolina University 

Gender Roles in Teams: Have Things Changed?; Ana Rosado Feger, Ohio University; Mary L. Tucker, Ohio University; Phyllis W. Bernt, Ohio University; Nicole Gullekson, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Volume 2

Green Event Marketing: The Sustainable Community Event Portfolio; Khoon Koh, Central Connecticut State University; Henry Greene, Central Connecticut State University

Stock Market Trends Spanning Multiple Time Frames: An Examination of Fractal Analysis; William M. Jones, Murray State University; Stephen K. Lacewell, Murray State University; Jay Morgan, Murray State University

Global Industry Concentration; Charles L. Vehorn, Radford University; Jerry Kopf, Radford University; Joel Carnevale, Radford University


Volume 3

Representational Faithfulness and Goodwill Impairment Losses; Joseph Faello, Alabama A&M University

Assessing Business Writing Across the Undergraduate Curriculum: A Framework for Assuring Learning; Catherine Penrod, Ohio University; Mary Tucker, Ohio University

Developing a Domestic and International Sales Revenue Estimation Model of the For-Profit High Frequency Broadcast Industry; Howard H. Cochran Jr., Belmont University; Jerry D. Plummer, Austin Peay State University

Societal and Organizational Culture on Ethnocentric Japanese Leaders; Warren Kleinsmith, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey; Robert Kachur, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

A Historical Look at Links Between Federal Budget Deficits and Short Term Interest Rates; Dennis Pearson, Austin Peay State University; KJ Kim, Austin Peay State University

The Impact of Sense of Community on Business Unit Work Performance; Ansley Vanover, Rollins College; Danny Arnold, Rollins College

Same-Sex Marriage and Income Taxes - No Celebration for DOMA States; Dan Wesley Meyer, Austin Peay State University; Pamela Sharp Meyer


Volume 4

Women in Business: Examining Failures and Defining Success; Andrew Meyer, Ohio University; Amy Taylor-Bianco, Ohio University; Mary Tucker, Ohio University

Do Universities Practice What they Teach? Jamye Long, Delta State University; Cooper Johnson, Delta State University; Sam Faught, University of Tennessee at Martin

TMT Heterogeneity, Global Strategic Posture, and Firm Performance: a Multinational Perspective; Adrian Gil, Howard Payne University; Carole Cangioni, Northern Kentucky University

Failure to Launch (or Not): an exploration of the Influencing Factors; Cangioni, Carole, Northern Kentucky University

The Swedish Model (1938-1970): A Variation of Capitalism; Josiah R. Baker, Methodist University

Emerging Growth Economies in Sub-Saharan Africa; Kiertisak Toh, Radford University and Duke University

Weaponized Interaction Theory: Using Propaganda as an Economic Weapon; Josiah R. Baker, Methodist University; Daniel R. Gore, Methodist University