Society of business research

How the Conference Works

This is a step by step breakdown of how to sign up, attend the conference, and what happens after the conference

Part 1: Signing Up (Registration)

1. Fill out the Registration Form

  • Your submission can be as simple as a short abstract.  You may attend without presenting, but must still complete the registration process.

2. You receive an email from us confirming your conditional acceptance (If you haven’t heard back within 3-4 business days, please email us)

3. Pay the conference registration fee in one of 2 ways:

  • Using PayPal through the button located just below the Registration Form
  • Mailing a personal, university, or bank check to the address located at the bottom of the Registration Page

4. Let us know any special requests for presentation times you may have at least 2 weeks before the conference

 (If you are unsure of your ability to attend the conference, please let us know early on, so we can schedule  accordingly)

5. Book your hotel room with the number or link given before the cutoff date, because the hotel will sell out and/or prices will be significantly higher. (Remember to mention you are with the SBR Conference to receive the special rate)

Part 2: At the Conference

1. Come to the registration desk located in either the lobby (on Wednesday) or outside the meeting rooms, and you will receive a name tag as well as a hard copy of the Program/Schedule

2. Breakfast and box lunches are provided every day at the conference. Breakfast includes coffees, teas, fruits, and pastries.

3. Sessions will go on throughout the day, with a break for lunch.

  • Presentations will be broken into 90 minute sessions, with 3 presentations per session.  Each presenter will be given 30 minutes (20 presenting/10 for questions and discussion).  A laptop will be connected to a projector, so presenters only need to bring their presentation on a flash drive.  A clicker will be provided, but anyone can bring their own if they wish.
  • It is not mandatory to attend every session, but we pride our conference on being intimate and interactive, so we encourage everyone to attend as much as possible.

4. At the conclusion of each day, we encourage everyone to network, explore the city, and have an       advance plan for things you would like to see and do

Part 3: After the Conference

1. You will receive a PDF file receipt via email right after the conference.

2. Your submission will be published in the Conference’s online Proceedings

3. Contact us if you are interested in being a reviewer for our journals