Society of business research

certification agreement

SBR Originality Guarantee, Agreement to Review, and Authorization Certification

The Author(s) represents and warrants that the submitted manuscript has not been previously published and constitutes original work.  Upon acceptance of the manuscript for publication, the author(s) grants in perpetuity to the Society of Business Research (SBR) full copyright, the exclusive right to publish this manuscript, in whole or part, at its discretion in any Society of Business Research (SBR) journal or website, in any medium (print or electronic), in any other academic publication or collection, or in any hosting site, other data storage media, or database.  Author(s) agree to be a reviewer of up to 2 manuscript submissions from other authors, and to respond within the timetable outlined in the “reviewer guidelines”.  Society of Business Research (SBR) author(s) retain the right to use their submitted manuscript for teaching purposes.